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Leslie Gilbert Photography PA

We want to capture joy and spontaneity. The laughter and the pure raw emotion that is your wedding. We want to photograph YOU, in love (because you look really good that way. Trust us, we know) If it makes us laugh, smile or cry, we shoot it. It's just that. For instance, when your college roommate gives you a fist bump as you walk down the aisle, when your eyes definitely aren't closed during the prayer, when cake gets smashed into your face (when earlier you agreed that wasn't going to happen), or even when Uncle Joe wants to lead everyone in the chicken dance. We love these moments and we just happen to take these moments and turn them into art. We could photograph cute and cuddly, we could even do stuffy and boring, but we don't want to and (we hope) you don't want to. Now, let's get you married.

Call us at: 717-314-7266

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