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Christina Julia Photography Lancaster, PA

Based in Lancaster, PA but available worldwide.

I've never seen photos of my Mom's wedding to my Dad. I don't know what her wedding dress looked like, what her bridesmaids wore, or anything about it. All I know about their wedding is that it occurred in January of 1980. I felt like I was missing a small part of being a Bride by not seeing photos of my Mom as a Bride and having that connection. I realized then how important it was to have photos, memories, that can be passed down and enjoyed for all the years to come.

That and a few other life choices have led me to become a Lancaster based photographer with a nomadic soul at heart, capturing in-love, adventurous, and genuine couples! I specialize in weddings, elopements, and portrait photography and would be so thrilled to capture your wedding in a storytelling manner filled with honest emotion, devotion, and authentic feeling. My photography style focuses on not only the big events but also the small details, the stolen glances, and the quiet moments. I want you to remember all the in-between and more.

Whenever I get an inquiry about my wedding photography, my first desire is to get to know the couple as people, which is why I would love to set up an in-person meeting or Skype session to get to know more about you, your forever partner and your dreams for your BIG day! I would be happy to answer any and all questions you may have so come with questions and don't be shy!

Every couple is different which is what makes every wedding different and unique and it's with that in mind that I approach each wedding day with giddiness and love as you take the steps to becoming man and wife. I hope that I can serve you in the exact way that you need and you can bet I will be right there with you celebrating, crying, laughing, and dancing the night away!

Call us at: 717.979.9382

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