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URBAN CONTEMPORARY | Make the “wright” choice for your wedding day

John Wright Restaurant, located along the Susquehanna River in Wrightsville, PA is an excellent choice for your Dream Wedding venue. Get ready, get married and celebrate all in one place! 

The luxurious bridal suite with private entrance allows you and your bridal party to relax and enjoy refreshments while you get ready to walk down the aisle. 

The lawn space is the perfect setting for your outdoor ceremony, with the river & bridge as your backdrop. 

Additionally, the venue boasts a 2nd floor reception space, called the "River Room" which can accommodate up to 180 seated guests. The room has a contemporary feel and is a blank canvas for you to create a styled reception space that is as unique as you. 

At John Wright Restaurant, great pride is taken in quality of food that will be served to your guests. Ingredients are sourced from local farmer whenever possible and care is taken to ensure items used are fresh and unprocessed. 

Where York & Lancaster meet, John Wright is a destination! 


Let me ask you a question: Hoe many flowers' names do you know? Sure, every-one knows what a rose and carnation look like, but if I told you to picture a chrysanthemum or succulent, would you be able to? it's not a trick question and it's okay if your answer is "no". My point in asking is to say that most of my couples don't know a lot of what I know when we begin designing and planning their wedding. I've done this before and I do it every day. I've gained the knowledge necessary to take a concept and plan the details so that concept becomes a reality. I love taking the vision that you describe to me and telling you the name of the flower, leaf, pattern, material, etc. that you're picturing in your mind. This very tablescape was inspired by a couple who pictured "layers of outdoor picnic elements, paired with an indoor, contemporary space". They spent a large portion of their time getting to know one another through hiking and having picnics so they wanted to incorporate that theme into their wedding celebration without having to worry about inclement weather potentially ruining their day. They also both happened to be teachers who initially met at a conference. Considering these concepts and that "Greenery" is the color of the year, I designed tables capes with plaid linen, leafy table runners and apple favors. 

Speaking of favors, I cannot tell you how many couples stack their brains over them. On average, my couples that do choose to have favors spend between $200-$400 on them. When my couples are on the fence about favors that is truly a part of their overall theme and styling (like these apples that represent the story of how this couple met), consider a few alternatives: Your guests will most remember how much fun they had celebrating with you so you can use the money you would have spent on favors to allow for extra time from your band or DJ, a fun photo booth, upgraded dinner choices or extra hors d'louvre selections. 

Another alternative is to donate money to a cause or charity that speaks to you. Place a beautiful piece of stationary that matches your invitations, menus, etc. at leach place setting, explaining the donation so that guests can see that rather than sitting a chocolate bar on their plate, you've done something meaningful to commemorate your day. 

Ultimately, there are many alternatives to traditional favors. It's up to you to decide how much importance yo place in this part of your planning. The good news is, there is no right or wrong and an experience designer and planner can help you with this and so many more decisions. 


URBAN CONTEMPORARY | Dream Weddings Styled Inspiration

The cars, the buildings, the lights, the people strolling...the city is a hub of energy and the perfect backdrop for sleek, architecturally inspired furniture design paired with lush, neutral floral arrangements.  Add strategically placed candles for ambiance and you have a contemporary yet comfortable atmosphere. 

PHOTOGRAPHY Joe Kelly Photo | DESIGN CONCEPT Martine Cajas, Editor-in-Chief & Shumaker P.D.T. | FURNITURE, CHANDELIER & TABLE SETTING Shumaker P.D.T. | FLORAL DESIGN Petals with Style | LINENS Special Occasions & Queen Street Linens 

REALWEDDING | John & Ellie

Lovefusion just crushing it again today!  The moody tones captured in this photo shoot by  adds a magazine-quality flair to this this real couple's engagement photos.  Captured by Gettysburg College, this urban, contemporary feel is captivating!  We absolutely LOVE how the couple included their dog in the shoot.  It added an adorable and personal touch and reminded us how animals can not only bring people together but so easily become a integral part of the family. 

We hope you enjoy Ellie and John's shoot as you plan your own Dream Wedding! 

PHOTOGRAPHY LoveFusion Photography

UNDERSTANDING EACH OTHER | How to Communicate with Your Wedding Planner

You're engaged! You can hardly contain your excitement but the initial high has worn off and you now realize the magnitude of what you need to accomplish in order to have your dream day. You're a reasonable person and know you can't possibly expect to do this on your own. So what's the first thing you do? You start researching wedding planners. As you browse the 85,000 pages of Google search results, you begin to think, "how will I choose who to call?" 

Dana, owner of Dana M. McGinley Events & Design, has a few tips to offer in order to help you in your process:

"As a designer and a planner, my ultimate goal is to help couples realize their Dream Wedding. You want to feel comfortable and confident in your selection of a planner because ultimately, if they don't get you, you don't get your perfect day. 

First and foremost, meet with your potential planner in person to ensure you are a good fit. Make sure you select someone with whom you can have fun! Once you've partnered with a planner, start by verbalizing your priorities and inspiration to him or her. Remember to include what you see as the focal point of your day. Some people want jaw dropping floral arrangements, others prefer a unique lighting scenario. Whatever it is, it should be something that will make your wedding day memories unique to you! Lastly, be prepared to talk about budget. 

Obviously budget is a main focus. Make sure you manage your own expectations appropriately but involve your planner as early as possible so that he or she as the opportunity to steer your vendor selection process based on your budgetary goals."

You may think it's important to lead with the budget talk but Dana believes it's very important to begin discussing your dreams so that your expectations regarding budget are appropriately set from the beginning! 

CONCEPT & DESIGN by Dana M. McGinley Events & Design