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The Fine Art of Film Photography

Film photography.  It's making a comeback.  Although it hardly left the scene altogether, many photographers are choosing to return to the medium that allowed them to embrace their subjects on a truly intimate level while shooting.  Truthfully, we're thankful for the era where digital reigned supreme because in a way, it diversified photographers and allowed each to dive into their medium of choice and define their individual approach and style.

For this article, we sat down with JUSTIN TEARNEY to discuss the strengths of film and learn why he chose to primarily shoot on it when capturing weddings for his clients.

"I'm a storyteller, first and foremost.  I'm not just taking pictures of my subjects in beautiful poses.  My goal is to connect with people on a level that allows me to capture their energy, emotions, essence...this is what ensures my clients love their photos for a lifetime."

We asked Justin how shooting on film specifically allows him to make this connection.  "Don't get me wrong, digital photography has its strengths.  I shoot that too, when the situation calls for it.  But film, specifically medium-format film, allows me to take in all the details of what's happening.  There's no looking at a display screen to ensure you got the shot so you're forced to truly hone your craft and get good at just knowing you had all of the elements right."

We asked Justin what he feels are some of the aesthetic draws to photographs shot on film.  "To me, there are so many beautiful things about it but I'm specifically drawn to the colors and tonality.  There's a subtle softness to film images that is really very flattering for portraiture.  Ultimately, you get timeless, rich, real images that aren't subject to trends or fads."

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