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Sunrise Portrait Session

It's not all about the vows, the ceremony decorations and the reception music.  Dig deeper...capture how beautiful you feel during this amazing time in your life.  Capture the details that surround you.  Capture the light and the breeze.  Capture all of it.  It's all a part of the energy that goes into helping you create the memories.  Being mindful of the details, the smallest ones, and taking note of their influence on your emotions, moods and thoughts will help you to slow down and enjoy.  Life isn't a checklist and although you're probably using one or more of those to plan your wedding, remember to soak in the moments that make up how you check each item off.

This sunrise portrait session, captured on film by the amazingly talented Justin Tearney, is inspiration of the idea that each moment of life is beautiful in its own right and should be memorialized...especially when surrounding a wedding.  Think of how to use this organic, lifestyle shoot as engagement, lifestyle or bridal session would all be beautifully captured with the soft light of sunrise and the millions of possible details in a lovely, organic field. 

PHOTOGRAPHY Justin Tearney | FILM LAB The Find Lab | SHOT FOR Forage and Fern | CREATIVE DIRECTION Magnolia Rouge | SHOOT LED BY Brumley & Wells | HAIR & MAKEUP Jess Wilcox | FLORALS Ponderosa & Thyme | VENUE Bodega Ridge