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The Fine Art of Film Photography

Film photography.  It's making a comeback.  Although it hardly left the scene altogether, many photographers are choosing to return to the medium that allowed them to embrace their subjects on a truly intimate level while shooting.  Truthfully, we're thankful for the era where digital reigned supreme because in a way, it diversified photographers and allowed each to dive into their medium of choice and define their individual approach and style.

For this article, we sat down with JUSTIN TEARNEY to discuss the strengths of film and learn why he chose to primarily shoot on it when capturing weddings for his clients.

"I'm a storyteller, first and foremost.  I'm not just taking pictures of my subjects in beautiful poses.  My goal is to connect with people on a level that allows me to capture their energy, emotions, essence...this is what ensures my clients love their photos for a lifetime."

We asked Justin how shooting on film specifically allows him to make this connection.  "Don't get me wrong, digital photography has its strengths.  I shoot that too, when the situation calls for it.  But film, specifically medium-format film, allows me to take in all the details of what's happening.  There's no looking at a display screen to ensure you got the shot so you're forced to truly hone your craft and get good at just knowing you had all of the elements right."

We asked Justin what he feels are some of the aesthetic draws to photographs shot on film.  "To me, there are so many beautiful things about it but I'm specifically drawn to the colors and tonality.  There's a subtle softness to film images that is really very flattering for portraiture.  Ultimately, you get timeless, rich, real images that aren't subject to trends or fads."

PHOTOGRAPHY Justin Tearney | WORKSHOP Forage & Fern | CREATIVE DIRECTION Magnolia Rouge | SHOOT LED BY Brumley & Wells | STYLING The Wells Makery | HAIR & MAKEUP Jess Wilcox | FLORALS Ponderosa & Thyme | JEWELRY Rye Grass Studio | RIBBON Sideband | GOWN Leanne Marshall | MODEL Heather Hockley | WITH The Find Lab, Jonathan Canlas, Belinda Olsen | VENUE Bodega Ridge | ASSISTANT Charla Storey

ORGANIC ETHEREAL | Dream Weddings Styled Inspiration

In nature, cream is the color of clean.  Organic materials that accent the natural beauty of the great outdoors such as plant-dyed, linen table cloths, silky, shear chair covers, heirloom flatware and gold-accented china allow your guests to relax and feel the warmth of the setting sun as they join in celebration with you.

PHOTOGRAPHY Katy Trefry Photography | WORKSHOP Moda E Arte | STYLING & DESIGN Joy Proctor Design | PAPER SUITE Written Word CalligraphyJulie Song Ink | TABLETOP RENTALS Classic Vintage Rentals | LINENS La Tavola Linen

THE BLUSHING BRIDE | Dream Weddings Editorial

What's in vogue? The possibilities abound, which is why you need Mom to help you find your dream gown! Lace is still high. Fitted gowns are trending high. Tea-length echoes the mania for vintage. Back treatments are making style statements. Changing into a different dress for the reception is gaining converts. And, color is being embraced. Wearing a white wedding gown is not required. Don't be afraid to try something new, but always remember this is your special day, so chose a gown that YOU love! 

We hope you love this trendy editorial shot by Katy Trefry Photography as much as we do! 

PRODUCER Martine Cajas | PHOTOGRAPHY Katy Trefry Photography | GOWNS Lilla's Bridal Boutique featuring Richard Solodky | HAIR & MAKEUP Flawless Facade | GROOMS ATTIRE Central Pa Tuxedo | FLOWERS Laura of Lauxmont | CAKES House of Clarendon | BAND Second Hand Suits | LOCATION Lauxmont FarmsFlinchbaugh's Orchard & Farm Market

SNOW KISSED | Dream Weddings Editorial

Are you planning ahead? Fashionistas will absolutely love what a winter wedding can entail. If you love glitz and sparkle, a winter gown allows you to go all out. If you love lace, a winter gown enables you to wrap yourself in it from head to toe. If you love the metallic look, silver or platinum is perfectly fine for a winter wedding gown. After all, why do when you can overdo! 

Winter also enables you to add dramatic effects such as long gloves, fur, scarves and jackets and jewelry. Want more drama? Back treatments are becoming a huge trend in gowns. Props can really add to the wow factor where winter wedding photography is concerned. Thank fun boots, a sleigh, ice skates, whimsical signage etc. 

If a winter wedding is in your future, we hope that this enchanting photoshoot captured by Katy Trefry Photography inspires you! 

PRODUCER Martine Cajas | PHOTOGRAPHY Katy Trefry Photography | GOWNS &  BRIDAL ACCESSORIES Cocoa Couture | GROOMS ATTIRE & ACCESSORIES Central PA Tuxedo | FLORAL DESIGN Laura of Lauxmont | ENGAGEMENT RING Futur Bros. HAIR & MAKEUP Shelbi Harmes | HAND PAINTED SIGN Chip Arnold Designs | MODELS Lorena MirandaLance Kopp | LOCATION Lauxmont Farms

SUMMER BREEZE | Dream Weddings Editorial

Couples in the West are taking advantage of breathtaking backdrops and are clamoring for what is considered "organic-style" photography. Film photography is making a comeback because this medium captures light in such a soft and authentic way that you are sure to feel the emotion through the photos for decades to come. Fortunately, we have our share of beautiful and dramatic backdrops, which Katy Trefry uses to tell this story.

Shot at the beautiful Cuffey's Cove Ranch in Elf, California, this editorial by the sea is sure to take your breath away! Featuring beautiful hues of pastel and gray, this up-and-coming trend of film photography has us SO excited for the future of wedding photography. 

We hope this gorgeous editorial inspires you too! 

PHOTOGRAPHY Katy Trefry Photography | PHOTO EDITING Artemas Photography | MODELS Nata Sarafincha & Braeden Eufemia | DIRECTION & STYLING Ginny Au | ART DIRECTIOn Kaela Rawson | GOWN Emily Riggs | SUIT JCrew | FLORAL DESIGN Soil & Stem | HAIR & MAKEUP Mimi & Taylor | RIBBON Froufrou Chic | PLATES The Commons | TABLECLOTH Alder & Co | NAPKINS & TABLE RUNNER Silk & Willow | WORKSHOP The Erich McVey Workshop | LOCATION Cuffey's Cove Ranch in Elf, California.