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Wedding Under the Willow

Brandon and Katie had their organic ethereal wedding under a gorgeous willow tree. Let these photos by Lovefusion Photography inspire you for your own Dream Wedding!

Images by Lovefusion Photography

Bountiful Harvest

We all know it's important to eat our leafy greens, but have you ever considered using vegetables as your wedding flowers? Sara and Alix did! We hope you'll enjoy this delightfully unique wedding shot by Ashley Gerrity Photography.

Kissing in the Rain

The hopeless romantics among us just love with the idea of kissing in the rain. Locking lips with our true love as raindrops fall around us--well, it's hard to imagine anything more romantic. Though that wasn't what Jordan and Pete knew was in store for their organic ethereal Dream Wedding, it's exactly what happened! We hope you'll enjoy these beautiful and heartwarming--though slightly damp--photos by Ashley Gerrity Photography.

Images by Ashley Gerrity Photography

Dreaming of Butterflies

You'll think you're dreaming when you see these gorgeous photos by Katy Trefry Photography! Get inspired by this magical Dream Weddings shoot featuring all things butterflies, and bring a little magic to your own special day. 

Finding Your Best Love

Your love is natural and fun, and so should your engagement photo shoot! John and Ashley show us exactly what it's like to be in love with your best friend, and they truly embody this in their shoot by Lovefusion Photography. We hope you'll fall in love with these breathtaking photos.